What’s this all about then?

If you’ve got time, I explain it in the video.

But if not, here are the basics.

It’s a super simple calendar budget system. It shows you the upcoming year and what your bank balance will be based on the information you provide. You start off by adding a thing called “Rebalance”, which is basically just saying “This is how much cash I *actually* have in my bank today”.

Then you add all the incomings you know about – your wage, child benefit, tax credit, any freelance income etc.

Then you add in all the bills you know about – ie. monthly council tax going out on the 18th of £160. Or a one off expense coming up for a hotel of £105. Or weekly food shopping of £100 every saturday.

One thing that may not be immediately obvious is you can add a rebalance in whenever you want, that’s why it’s called a *re* balance not just a balance. It’s so if you come back to the site after a few weeks and see you’ve spent all sorts of money you haven’t recorded, you can quickly reset it with your actual bank balance and see how things pan out from there. The rebalance is always the first thing done on a day, so any transactions that day come out AFTER the rebalance.

You carry on until you have all your scheduled incomings and outgoings covered, and then you can see a simple list of how much money you’re likely to have on future dates if you stick to your budget.

That’s it really! It’s just to add a note of realism into your financial management. I’m useless myself, and I’ve found this an excellent way to stop kidding myself that I’m rich just because I’m in credit for a while 😉

If you find any problems, drop me a line below – I only wrote this in a morning so I suspect there will be bugs 🙂

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